What is life but a bunch of reinventions?

We learn what we like to do. We learn what we don't like to do.

We try to fit into roles. We don't have experience so we copy from those that do.

In the beginning, it's great. We gain experience but then again... we learn what we like and don't like. Then the role doesn't fit anymore.

Then we try on a new role... then another... then another...

Until the point we don't even know ourselves anymore.

We feel like we've lost ourselves. We're swimming in this ocean of roles to play, drowning in all of the advice from everyone who has a mouth and an opinion.

What can be done? We float. We float around and survive until we are able to catch our breath and find our true way again. We tread water to look around and see where we want to go. When we do, that's when we have to dig down deep for that discipline. The island that we found is our motivation. The discipline is what is going to get us there.

Once we're there we can build.

Build what feel right for YOU.

Build what YOU feel comfortable with.

Build what YOU can handle and a little bit outside your comfort zone.

Build what you don't think you can and be amazed at what you've accomplished.

So here I sit and type out what this reinvention is. It's myself and what I offer to you.

I thought that it was generic coaching. I thought it was sex coaching. I thought that I had to fit some type of professional coaching role that every other coach out there fills.

Instead, I offer you what I truly love. I offer you my skills and abilities as a coach but I also offer you my intuition and skills as a tarot reader. I've used both to figure out my own path. So now I offer you both to help you figure out yours.