Imagine the New You

Take a look at the picture above. A sensual woman bound in chains and resting on top is a sweet little flower. I feel like this is how society views women's sexuality today. We are to keep our bodies locked up. We are to present ourselves as a sweet innocent flower. It's time that we BREAK FREE! (or for some who like chains, actually use them *winkwink*)

Let's image this NEW SELF:

Let's start with SELF COMPASSION

Treat yourself like the Goddess that you are

Treat yourself to the YOU time that you deserve (and NOT FEEL GUILY)

Feel the freedom of openly being sexual (with yourself or a partner)


Fully knowing your body and how AMAZING it is

Looking in the mirror and seeing nothing but BEAUTY (even in pajamas)

Fully understanding how arousal works within your own body

Then on to EDUCATION

Knowing what bedroom accessories you enjoy or want to try

Knowing what around the house can be used for sex and excitement

Knowing what turns you on

Knowing and making the rules for sex in your partnership


Knowing what to tell your partner

Fully being able to trust yourself and your partner

Truly knowing what connection looks and feels like

Truly knowing what intimacy looks and feels like

This new sense of self looks AMAZING and is BEAUTIFUL and is CONFIDENT! This new you is completely possible. You've waited long enough for this. You deserve to feel this amazing. It's time to turn your life around. What have you got to lose? Let me help you through this process. Send me a message today and let's have a chat!


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