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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

2021 Update: I have created a self paced course that deep dives into Self Collaring combined with Personal Development. Head on over to and sign up with your email. Or head directly to the COURSE and start your journey now.

Self-Care is a must in living a fulled life. However self-care tends to fall to the wayside.

We tend to fall into the roles in life (wife/husband/parent/etc). Those roles, if not kept in check, can overrun life itself. We turn into one of those stereotypes we see in movies and blogs. Who wants that? Seriously... no one wants to be type-casted.

So here's a way to remember to take care of yourself, collar yourself.

Let's start by understanding what 'being collared' means. Collaring is something that happens in the BDSM world. Here's a quote from The Book of Kink by Eva Christina. "In the BDSM world, the collar is a commitment and devotion that the slave voluntarily makes to its owner, obeying him or her in whatever terms they negotiated. But this also means that the owner has pledged to be a place of security for the slave, someone the slave can turn to for support at any time, in whatever fashion they -again- agreed upon from the start."

Of course, it's not just slaves that have collars, it's lifestyle-wide. Most of the time it's compared to a wedding ring and the negotiations are compared to the wedding vows. It's a physical representation of your status. In this particular case however, it would be a physical REMINDER and PROMISE to yourself that you will take care of yourself.

How do you currently or want to take care of yourself; mentally, physically and emotionally?

Get yourself a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, or something that you would wear daily/never take off. Make yourself some vows or promises (I promise to speak up for myself more, I promise to do more things that I enjoy, etc). Maybe it's something like, I vow to live a more holistic life or I vow to be more true to myself.

Make an event out of it. Make it a special moment for yourself so that your brain can register how important this is. Once your brain knows how important this is, it'll adjust accordingly.

Wear it DAILY!! Every time you put it on, feel it, or touch it, ask yourself if you are being true to your vows and promises. Are you taking care of yourself as well as you can and should be? You can't leave it all up to your partner, they can only do so much. YOU have to be there for yourself. This is just a reminder to actually do it.

Come on over to my FB Group and learn more about combining Self Collaring with Personal Development! Can't want to see you there!!


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