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This is a transcript from a Live Video I did on Facebook.

While we're waiting for you guys to come on, I'm going to be talking about anabolic and catabolic energy/mindsets. I'm going to use energy and mindsets interchangeably here, so this way if the word energy is too touchy feely or too hippy dippy, just think of it as different mindsets or perceptions. Not only am I going to talk about anabolic/catabolic mindsets, but I'm going to talk about how they compare to the light/dark side of the force. I may or may not have had a Star Wars marathon with the kiddo this weekend so Star Wars is on my mind.

Alright, so, I'm going to read this word for word "There are two different types of mindsets, anabolic and catabolic. So anabolic describes energy that is constructive, healing, expanding, fueling and growth oriented. Anabolic mindsets help you move forward and achieve positive long term results and is useful in leading others in the same direction. Using anabolic mindsets or energy allows you to have a more complete and conscious view of what is going on around you and to more easily come up with solutions and innovations.

Catabolic energy or mindset on the other hand, is draining, resisting, contracting, kind of energy. While catabolic energy provides you with an energetic boost, to combat what you perceive to be a stressful situation, it is also distracting and acts like a blinder through which you can only see a limited view of a situation. Thus reducing available choices to you. Though it may offer some short term benefits, when used on a long term basis, it imparts mental and physical and emotional tolls that are potentially destructive to you, organization, and to all those around you."

So I don't know if any of you can kinda start seeing some of the comparisons or the likenesses to the light/dark side of the force. Now here's the thing, between ana/catabolic energy or light/dark side, you know, if you put on your Yoda hat, there is no good or bad. Right? There really isn't, it's how you use them. So when we look at the light and dark side of the force, you have the light side of the force which ... I'll go into details with the light side in a second... but the light side of the force which is supposedly more peaceful, more defense oriented, and it leads more towards teaching while the dark side of the force is all emotion, or as they describe it, it's all passion and power and the thing here is those that chose the dark side of the force were RULED by their emotions. So if you take Anakin or if you take Kylo, in the later movies, they are ruled by their emotions, their rage, their fury drive all of their actions. So again they have a temporary boost, that power boost where it's easy to become seduced by the dark side. It's easy to get suck into your emotions. And it's esy to just rise up and gain your power from that. But think of the tolls that had to be paid in order for them to use the dark side. You look at Darth Sidious or the Emperor, how old and wrinkled and whatever he was. Yeah he was powerful, I'll give him that but he looked like crap and probably felt like crap.

And then if you look at Vader, again extremely powerful; lost his family, lost many body parts, and same thing with Kylo. Powerful yet in order to be that powerful, he had to kill his family... *spoiler*... he had to kill his dad. So you can see clearly the turmoil in his head.

Compared to the Light Side, anabolic. It's building it's peaceful. Although what I think happened was, which is where a lot of the discrepancies lie between the light/dark side, is that the Jedi Order says that you cannot have emotions. If you actually look at the Jedi Order's code, the very first line is "There is no emotion, there is peace." Well, big news, guess what... peacefulness is an emotion. Right?! "There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force." The Jedi Order, they're people, they're people, they're aliens, whatever, those are words that were created by beings that had perception, that had bias. So they say no emotion, but here's the thing, the true light side is yes, having emotion but not being ruled by it. You are able to make choices in spite of your emotions.

Yoda for instance, unlike the rest of the Jedi Order, actually had emotions. You can see it. He had joy, laughter, peacefulness. He had times where he was in deep contemplation about what to do about the future of the order or the future of the force, to maintain balance. If the dark side is all anger and hatred, well then what's the balance to that if there's no emotion on the light side. It's not balanced, it becomes a vacuum... vacuum? Close enough...

Now on to the dark side, there is the Sith Code, here.... I'm gonna break this down for you too. So the code of the Sith, "Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. " Right here is where we start to see ego. IIII gain strength. "Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken and the Force shall free me."

This uuggghhhhh is interesting, so in essence what this is saying is that without conflict you cannot grow. To a point, yes. It's how you grow that matters. Even with conflict, if you choose to be ruled your emotions, and you choose to gain power and strength and victory over other people, and your point is to say "I'm better because I broke free of all of y'alls crap" then that would be the dark side, very catabolic. There is so much judgement that lies within that.

Now it you go to the light side of the force, or very anabolic. Yes, there is still struggle and there is still emotion, it's what you choose to do in spite of that. So, yes there's a struggle between say ourselves and our friends drama and all of that crap, we tend to get pulled into. Being anabolic about it you can... not necessarily rise above it but more like "hey I understand this is the way you feel. it's understandable. a lot of people go through that. I've been through it myself. But this is what you choose to do in order to better yourself because you can only change yourself." That's very anabolic, that's very much the light side of the force. And it's not about gaining strength, it's not about gaining power because no one weak. You actually gain strength by ignoring all of the crap. You can actually gain strength... it takes a lot of strength to not get sucked into some drama. It's takes a lot of strength to not get sucked into your depression or your anxiety or society's image or whatever of females.... It takes a lot of strength to not go down the path of the cookie cutter role of women or wife or friend or whatever. It's takes strength to stay away from that and be true to yourself. That is the light side of the force. And that is VERY anabolic. And that is what's going to bring you LASTING peace. While if you gain power and strength through judgement and say "I'm better than you mofos" well that's not going to be very lasting. It's going to take a toll on you because you constantly have to prove yourself better than everyone else, better than that person and that's just fucking tiring.

So what we see towards the later movies... right?.... you can see the actual difference between the old way of doing things (Jedi Order/Sith, with Kylo/Ben) and how Rey mixes both the light and dark sides. And this is when you can truly see that there is no good or bad when it comes to your emotions, when it comes to the light/dark side, anabolic/catabolic. There is no good or bad. It's how you USE it. So in terms of Kylo, you can see he's ruled by his emotions and you can see the conflict in his head, you can see with that conflict he decides to destroy a bunch of shit. He decides to have his rage fits in the elevators just because he can or he no other means to let that emotion out. Where you see Rey on the other hand, she actually mixes both the light and dark sides and uses them yo her advantage. So you can see her emotions and her maybe some anger and some (I don't want to say negative...) some darker sides of the force, you can see that she not that she struggles with it but you can see them show up but then she CHOOSES to remain on the light side. She chooses to help other people instead of rising above and proving "I'm right and you're wrong." She chooses to help others, she chooses to remain anabolic. She uses the dark side to her advantage for the momentary burst of energy, burst of power, but her actions after that, that's what counts.

It's the same thing when it comes to all of us in our everyday actions. You can use your emotions, use that anger, use that... whatever that you have, use it to your benefit. So say, going through a bit of depression. Where you just go through this week of "I don't wanna do shit, just sitting on the couch, I'm comfortable." Well here's where you reach in and find that anger and get angry with yourself. So this is using the dark side, using catabolic energy, using a catabolic mindset. When am I going to get pissed off at myself for sitting on the couch. Yeah, I needed to sit on the couch, I needed a break, I needed some recharge time, that's cool. But I need to get angry at myself, find the motivation to get up and do stuff. Well I'm pissed off because I havent showered in three friggin days and I friggin smell. I hate the fact that I smell and I'm angry so I'm going to go take a shower. It's something.... almost a weak example it is an example of how to use the dark side how to use catabolic energy to your benefit without judging everyone else.

The only person you can change is yourself. Then you will see how everyone else's reaction to you change.

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