The Boudoir Challenge

In this post I’m going to talk about the Boudoir Challenge: what it is, the guidelines, and how it can help with body image.

What is it? The 30 Day Boudoir Challenge is when you take boudoir photos of yourself (or have your partner help you) for a month. As the month goes on, start extend your comfort zone or reach out of your comfort zone.

In this video, I explain how to take these photos with just your phone all by yourself.

Guidelines: MINIMAL EDITING!!! You can crop, adjust lighting, add a color filter. THAT’S IT! This is to show the true you. The real you. The BEAUTIFUL you.

In this video, I explain the maximum amount of editing for these photos.

How it can help with poor body image: Some people are just fine with their loved one saying that they look good. That’s enough to satisfy their mind. For others, they believe that their partner is just being nice or is just saying that they look good to avoid a fight. Here’s the thing… we only see ourselves in the mirror. We don’t see ourselves in those other wonderful moments of the day. We don’t see what our partner sees. This is a way that we can. At first it might seem silly, but when you really try and really get into it, you will find that you are gorgeous.

Here’s my own personal story with this. Growing up, I was always the skinny person. I ate whatever I wanted and was still a size 0 (well… size 0/2 in 2005). Then I grew up and my metabolism slowed WAY down, but I still ate the same. So of course I gained weight. A marriage and a child later, I have a second chin, a muffin top, face full of acne, and hated being in pictures.

I had a breakdown year. I was upset over our marriage. I thought that we were stale because I had let myself go. After some discussion with the hubs, it turns out we were “stale” because he was super busy and when he got home, his brain and body was just tired.

He came up with (or just researched and found) an idea to help us both. Along with working out (I wanted to start but needed his help for accountability), I was to take a picture of myself every day that he was at work and send it to him. After a while, he could see what I was still embarrassed to show and because I was embarrassed, I wasn’t creative. He started to send me boudoir pictures to mimic.

OH MY GOSH, when he first started sending me pictures, I would legit yell at my phone (as if he could hear me… ) “Does he think I can bend like this skinny b****?!” That first week of mimicking, you can see the “Frickin really?!” look on my face. I even asked him to find some of the plus sized pictures to send me. He didn’t. He just wanted me to keep trying but really put some effort into it.

I did and the results blew my mind. Of course, I can’t bend into some of these skinny model positions BUT I can do something really similar and still beautiful. I’ve gone from taking 30-40 pictures to find that perfect one to edit, down to taking 3-4 and just saying “f* it send them all.” My confidence shows through the pictures.

Give it a try and let us know how it went for you!!! Join my FB Group to share. You can even see some of the pictures that I put up as inspiration. I would never ask you all to share pictures if I wasn’t willing to do the same.


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