3 Things that everyone tries to seem more uninhibited

What comes up when I ask you for ways that will help you become more uninhibited?

  • Get Pretty? Make yourself look pretty. Buy all of the make-up. Try all of the waist slimming things. Use all of the face creams. Watch all of the make-up tutorials… etc etc. Got to do all of this so that more people will find me hot. Do this so that my partner finds me more attractive.

  • “Getting Healthy”? So in order to be uninhibited, I need to not look like a beast. I need to eat better, so that I can lose weight, so that I can fit in those skinny pants. I need to exercise so that I won’t have all of these flabby parts. I need to exercise so that I can look halfway decent in lingerie.

  • Just get kinky? Break out the handcuffs and whipped cream? What do I even do with the whipped cream? Who brings food into the bedroom? Won’t handcuffs hurt? What if I’m not ready for any of that? What if those things actually turn me off? What if I try and surprise my partner and they actually turn him off?

Any of these sound familiar? Notice my choice of words in the title. These are things that women try when they want to SEEM more uninhibited. It doesn’t mean that they actually feel it.

Here’s the thing that everyone needs to work on: gaining validation FROM WITHIN. Way easier said than done, yes it is. Trust me though, it works.

You can still do all of those things that were mentioned earlier but for different reasons. Get pretty for YOURSELF, but it makes YOU feel good, confident, whatever. Get healthy so that you FEEL better. Don’t get healthy just to look better… that’s the difference between fad diets that don’t last vs lifestyle changes. Get kinky because you WANT to try something out. Do your research first and have your conversations with your partner and explore those kinks. Don’t try something kinky that you aren’t ready for but think your partner wants without ever truly knowing. That can scare someone off of even worse, physically hurt someone.


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