Is the lack of time blocking you from being more Confident?

It seems like now-a-days we never have time to do anything that we want. Or we lose ourselves in whatever we’re doing at the moment (*ahem* screen time *ahem*) that before we know it, it’s been 2-5hrs.

We’ve ALL been there. By the time we reach our bed at night, something pops up in our brains “OH CRAP! I forgot about _____ . I really wanted to get that done today.” But here’s the kicker, that thing you forgot, you never plan to get it done the next day or whenever. The physical act of planning gets left out.

Planning is what turns dreams and goals into reality.

I know it sounds like a real drag. Ugh planning… it reminds me of back in my grade school days and the teachers making us write stuff in our agendas. But they worked. The only time that I forgot to do something is when I just didn’t write it down (or just didn’t want to do it so I told my mother that I forgot to write it down, that’s the benefit of writing in pencil).

Every phone has a calendar app. We use it for important things like doctor’s appointments and birthdays and sometimes the “Buy bread on the way home” reminders. Why not use it for your whole day? You’d be amazed by how much time you actually DO HAVE in your day.

I’ve never been the detailed scheduler type of person, so instead I use block scheduling. 30min for exercise, 1 hr for bathroom/shower stuff, 30min for daily household chores, etc etc.

Schedule all of the big things you need to get done. Be mindful that there SHOULD BE self care of some kind on that list of needs.

Next, schedule out the things that you would LIKE to get done. Lastly, schedule out the extra little things.

Maybe put notifications on the events so you never lose track of time. Maybe set several alarms instead of a standard calendar. Whichever works for you.

Here’s where the confidence bit kicks in. When you complete one day and you look back to see how much you can get done in a whole day. Isn’t that just amazing?! When you put just a little bit of effort into planning, you can accomplish SO MUCH. And when you accomplish a lot, you feel like a superwoman!! If you’re a tired superwoman, then you need to schedule in some relax time to recharge.

Try this out, join my FB Group, and let me know if it worked.


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