4 Actionable Ways To Love Yourself

In this post, we are going to cover 4 actionable (and totally doable) tips that you can use to love yourself a bit more and be comfortable with intimacy. By the end of the post, you’ll have something that you can put in place that will actually cause a real shift for you, so that you can feel inspired and hopeful!

I’m Mel and I’m a certified life coach that specializes in helping ladies find their wild side and get comfortable with intimacy. There are real tips that I (and my clients) have used to make a change in our minds/bodies/hearts.

These tips are mainly for loving yourself/body a bit more, grab a pen or copy/paste this somewhere!!

  • Get pretty for yourself!!! It doesn’t matter if your coworkers think you’re pretty. It doesn’t matter if your husband notices that you put your face on today. Why do you put on makeup? The answer should be, “Because it makes me feel pretty/good/confident.” Do it for YOURSELF! <3

  • Write “I love myself/I love my body” on your mirror. Every time you look in that mirror, say that sentence out loud (even if you don’t believe it). Say it with love and compassion. Then point out at least ONE thing that you love about your body. Example: I love the way my legs look in these leggings. I love the way I did my eye liner today, my eyes are gorgeous. I love the way my butt looks today.

  • Start a meditation practice, even if it’s only 5 min in your car. I’m not talking about trying to turn your brain off and sit still. I’m talking about sitting comfortably and ALLOWING your brain to race. Allow your brain to work its way through those thoughts. When you allow your brain to work through thoughts all of the way, you are actually clearing away your mental baggage.

  • Start a journal. Either just for you or a shared journal with your spouse/significant other. Get those emotions out of your head and on to paper. It doesn’t matter how minimal or outrageous the thoughts and emotions are, jut get them out of your head. You will probably feel a little weight lifted off of your shoulders when you do so.

I’d love to know what has worked for you in the past. The best things to do is get involved in a safe pace where you have real accountability from someone who cares. Come and join my FB group for ongoing support!


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