Setting Aside Playtime

This week I will be counting down 5 things that alternative lifestyle relationships do that should be a part of every romantic relationship. Welcome to Day 1: Setting Aside Playtime.

Here’s the big question: how do you define playtime?

I define it as time that is spent getting in touch with your happy goody-goody self. That self that gets super excited over little things (like fangirl excited). It’s a time where you do what YOU really want to do. It’s something that makes you happy or gets you relaxed.

In my relationship, we have playtime together and apart. Together we will either play video games, watch movies, or get intimate. Apart, I have my girly pampering time and single player video games. He has his business videos that he loves to watch along other other hobbies that I’m not into and boy’s nights.

The key is to schedule this in to your life. A lot of people say that they want this type of stuff to happen spontaneously or organically. Well, here’s a harsh truth for you all, if you leave it up to chance, it probably isn’t going to happen. Nothing happens unless you WILL it to/MAKE it happen. Our lives now-a-days are so filled with other crap that we often are just plain exhausted by the end of the day and just want to sleep.

Scheduling playtime allows you to recharge and it allows you as a couple to reengage as adults (and not parents). You can still be spontaneous with the activity within your scheduled time. Think about the last time you did something alone that you really wanted to do or think about the last time you and your significant other had alone adult time. How amazing did it feel? How happy were you the rest of the day or week? How many times have you reminisced about it? How many times have you told yourself that you need to do that again?

Come on over to the FB group and let us know how you recharge and set aside playtime for yourself?

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