How do we let other people talk us down? Why is it that we aren't really taught to ignore what others think of us? If it was taught to us, why didn't that lesson actually stick? One thing that I wish was taught to us is Self-Worth.

I was confident on the outside. I learned that if you show that you're confident, then people won't question you. The problem was that I didn't question myself. I went along with everyone and everything. I needed that sense of human validation.

I let friends tell me to toughen up. I let boyfriends tell me that they had better and that I wasn't good enough. I let coworkers and employers tell me that I wasn't smart enough. I let society tell me that I would never make it on my own.

If I had a sense of self-worth back then, I would have told them all to shove it. I let their voices sink into my head and turn in to this major inner critic.

It took a while to get over most of that. I'm still a work in progress, as we will all forever be a work in progress. But now, I don't let those other people get to me. I know that their judgements of me are actually judgements of themselves. They try to make me feel bad because for some reason they need to make themselves feel better.

Having self-worth is believing that you will overcome anything that comes your way. It's believing that you are worthy of good things; you're worthy of your dreams. Self-worth is having the confidence to strive for your dreams one step at a time NO MATTER WHAT. Self-worth is not letting other people's opinions of you bring you down. Self-worth is having the strength to look at yourself objectively and choose to change if you want to. Self-worth is never seeing yourself as a problem. Self-worth is not NEEDING anyone else's approval.

Take a hard look at yourself and find that you ARE WORTHY!

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