Wants VS Need

Who has ever really thought about their own wants and needs? We all have, probably at some point thinking "Do I really need to get up for work?" or "Do I really need another piece of pizza or do I just want it?"

But who has ever really thought about their needs and wants for life?

Everyone's needs and wants are different. There are the basic needs, true (food, water, shelter) but the methods in which to get those things vary so widely. Needs are things (objects or emotions) that are necessary for your life and wellbeing. They will aid in bringing you life and joy. Wants are not required for anything, they are just perks.

Needs when satisfied bring you long-term joy or fulfillment. Needs bring you internal comfort.

Wants when satisfied bring you temporary happiness. Wants bring you external temporary pleasure.

Note the keywords here: Needs - long term/internal | Wants - temporary/external

The balance between these two is more like a sliding scale. This scale can help you put your priorities in order.

Here's an example: friends/friendship is a mixture of both need and want. Friendship can provide you with a sense of community and a sense of security. It'll vary per person whether it's more on the need side vs the want side.

Another example: Winning the Powerball Lottery. In my personal opinion, this is 100% a want. I can live without winning the lottery. I can be happy and joyous without winning the lottery. Sure, the money would make my life a lot easier however it's not something that I need or want to actively pursue.

Let this guide you in your future understanding of yourself.

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