Happiness VS Pleasure

What’s the difference between Happiness and Pleasure? That’s something that most people never stop to think about. I surely never thought about it until going through life coaching school.

Here’s the very simple answer: Happiness is internal. Pleasure is external.

From Psychology Today, “happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life—that is, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction.”

That feeling of accomplishment. That feeling of self confidence. That feeling of self acceptance. That’s happiness.

That feeling when someone likes you. That feeling of being told “good job.” That feeling when you eat your favorite food. That feeling of getting promoted. That’s fleeting, and that’s Pleasure.

From Psychology Today, “All pleasurable activities start out very enjoyable, and within a few minutes, we get used to it. What comes up often comes down. If we attain the object of desire, we quickly lose interest in it, find ourselves satisfied, deprived of our original appetite, and so end up with boredom. No valued object lasts for very long, and final satisfaction forever eludes us.”

Have you ever told yourself, “I’ll be happy when I get ______.”? It could have been get that job, get that money, get married, get that house. All of that, you strive for and then when you get it, it just wasn’t enough. There was still something missing. All of those things brought you momentary pleasure.

Happiness is knowing no matter what, you love yourself. Happiness is knowing that you have the confidence to do anything you ever wanted. Happiness is knowing that you don’t need other people’s validation. Find out what your personal values are and LIVE BY THEM. Happiness is staying true to yourself despite everything else in the world.

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