Why the Best Ideas Happen in the Shower

Why does it seem like all of our best ideas either happen in the shower or right when we are trying to sleep?

What happens is that our brain recognizes the routine and knows that it doesn't need to think about what's happening. Instead it wanders to other things. Right before bed, it's the same thing. We don't actively think, "sleep time... sleep... sleep... sleep." We allow our body to just relax in to the moment and drift.

This is essentially meditation.

Surprised? You were doing something that you might thought only monks can do. Congratulations!

Now, how to keep this up? Next time you take a shower, just continue your routine and don't think about it. Just be aware of your body. Allow your thoughts to wander. Think about your day, your work, your kids, the fact that you might be hungry, etc. Just observe your thoughts. Let them arise and let them drift off.

As long you can keep this up, you can say that you meditate everyday!

For that little bit of extra awesomeness, you can add a whiteboard to your shower along with a grease pencil. What better place to write down your ideas than the best place in the house?!


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