Types of Energy

The two types of energy that encompass all of life are Anabolic and Catabolic energy.

Neither energy type is good nor bad. Each have it’s place in life.

Anabolic energy is building, healing, and binding. It helps us move forward in life. It is the main energy exhibited when feel at our best or in the zone. It allows us to see all options and paths laid out before us. It allows for long term and sustainable results.

Catabolic energy is destructive and contracting. It sounds bad however it isn't. Think of a time when you had to leave a toxic environment or you had to burn a bridge just to save yourself. In the short term, catabolic energy is useful. It can motivate us when we are down in the dumps. It's that hesitation that protects us from potential harm. It's also that call to action when we kick ourselves in the butt. However, exhibiting catabolic energy on a long term basis can be detrimental to you mental and physical well being.

Studies have shown that those who exhibit higher amounts of anabolic energy actually led to higher overall life satisfaction. Read the study

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