Vision Boards at home!

Vision boards are a great physical representation of your goals. For some reason though, it just seems like a lot of work. It really doesn't have to be. You can do them the old school way by cutting out pictures from magazines or you can scroll through your already saved pins from Pinterest or photos from Instagram and copy/paste those images to a powerpoint.

Here's where people get hung up and discouraged. Their goals are super far in to the future and they just seem unattainable (they're not by the way, it'll just take some time to get there). Take some time to write out your far in the future goals. Where do you see yourself in 20 yrs? Where will you be living? What type of job will you be working (if any at all)? What will your family be like?

Once you have that general idea written out, think baby steps. What is something that you can do THIS YEAR, that you aren't already doing, that will help take you to that 20 yr goal? Find that picture and put it on your board. This is a fun thing to do every year to keep you moving forward.

The reason for short term goal pictures is so that you can truly accomplish them. You will be more likely to actually do it knowing that it's attainable. Not all of us can just wake up tomorrow and go hiking for a month (if you can, congrats and I'm jealous). But most of us can wake up tomorrow and go for a one mile hike or just a walk around the park. Putting a check by that image on your vision board is an AMAZING feeling. Once all of those things are marked as completed, you can make a new board.

Another reason why short term goal boards are fantastic is because life does get in the way and people change their minds. We all learn and grow at different paces. Think about what career you wanted 5 yrs ago, is it the same as what you want for tomorrow? This will give you the opportunity to reflect every year on where you are on your journey. What needs to be changed? What did you try last year but you didn't like? What is it that you want to try but before you were too scared to?

I do want to make one note here. These images should INSPIRE YOU not make you feel terrible. If you want to lose weight, don't print that picture of some size -2 model. Use a model of someone who is only 1-2 pant/dress size smaller. There is where google becomes your friend.

Materials needed - Old School:

  • Poster Board

  • Magazines - If you don't have a stash already, you can ask your local libraries if they have any that they are ready to get rid of. You can also go to a thrift store and most likely find them being sold by the bundle.

  • Scissors

  • Glue/Tape - I use tape because I'm too impatient to wait for glue to dry.

Materials needed - Modern Times:

  • Poster Board (optional)

  • Google/Social Media

  • Powerpoint or Drawing App

  • Printer

Make sure to put that board up where you can see it everyday. Yes, EVERYDAY. Looking at it, even in passing, will program your mind to feel less nervous about those things. It will inspire you more and more.

I hope this helps you feel inspired to start making your own board. Start living your dream life this year!

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