About Me

Melissa Absher, CPC / ELI-MP

I'm tired of trying to fill some type of role. I'm pretty sure that you're tired of filling some type of role as well. 

Real quick life story... as a younger kid/teen, I was fascinated with the woo-woo stuff. I was a rock collector, I enjoyed mythology, and had a tarot deck. I dabbled a little bit but wasn't ready for what that all was about. Fast forward a few years and I went into the military. Apparently the Universe wanted me to learn some damn discipline because I can sure tell you, I had some discipline but no where near the shear amount that I needed for regular life. Now that I'm out of the military and have myself established as an adult, I find myself getting back into rock collecting (more like healing crystals), diving into alien theory, and deep diving into tarot. Come to find out, all of the crystals that I already had were exactly the crystals that I needed to help heal the issues I was going through.


I've gone through a few roles in life. I've been an outgoing wild person. I've been a soldier. I've been a smarty-smart pants working in an office. I've been a stay at home mother. I've been a quiet, shy geek. I've been a tired entrepreneur. Now, I'm breaking all of those roles and making my own. 

I've gone down the path of silent depression. I've gone down the path of awakening. I've gone down the many paths of trying to find my way. Let my lessons and my trial errors become your path to success in your journey.