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Meet Mel the Coach

I am a Certified Professional Coach who combines coaching with tarot readings to help women break out of the roles that they play and create their new way of being. I also help women in committed relationships unleash their sexuality. 

I love to help women feel CONNECTION and (SELF) ACCEPTANCE again. Let's reduce sadness and increase authenticity.


My Specializations

Getting women to feel comfortable in their own skin both metaphorically and physically.

Helping women get in tough with their spiritual side.

Releasing shame around one's sense of being.

Guiding people through the world of "adulting".

Providing you with knowledge, skills, and tools to build the life of your dreams.

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I'd love to hear from you

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I am so grateful that Melissa was there for me when I thought everything was falling apart. I didn’t have any professional help to guide my thinking during the state I was in. I’m sure I would have done something regrettable if she wasn’t there to hear me. She made me feel Heard and seen and I’m so thankful that she was so quick to be there for me. She allowed me to feel how I was feeling and teach me what I was missing.


Melissa is a remarkable Coach. She was able to help guide me to the answers within me. I had several personal challenges that I needed to work on, and she successfully helped me find those solutions. Very powerful and eye opening. Melissa is effective, her people skills are amazing and her passion in Coaching is incredible. She is a gem. I would recommend her to any and everyone.